"4 Brain Surgeries Down, 3 More To Go"

10 years ago, when I was 17, I had a total of 4 brain surgeries. I had a piece of my brain removed, an abnormal part that was causing nothing but trouble and because of the series of brain surgeries my epilepsy got better, I had less seizures than I had previously been having and the severity of them had minimized.

Yes, I was having seizures but my life was better then it use to be before the surgery and the seizures were controlled to the best of our ability with medication changes here and there.

The past few years though no medication seems to be able to tame them and my memory has slowly been slipping away, so my doctors and I decided that since the medication wasn't going to do it anymore clearly, something else needed to be done...brain surgery.

Never did I think I would be doing that again. And never did I think I would have to go through the entire process but I understand, the brain is an important part of the human body and you don't want to remove the wrong part, nick the wrong area or put an implant in the wrong place. So I agreed and signed  on the dotted line next to the man who made my life easier 10 years ago because he would be doing the surgeries once again. I could never be more thankful. So in 9 days I yet again embark on a journey of a total of 3 brain surgeries and the unknown and for the hope that my life will be better. 
Don't get me wrong - I love my life, and the people who surround me everyday, but having seizures I can't control and not knowing I'm having them takes a toll on the soul and the body. I'm worn out. So I'm taking charge and making a change. 

9 days.