1 Month Until My Next Surgery!

Hello Everyone, in one month I will be going back in for more brain surgery, yes, yet again. (My poor little brain but it’s a tough little cookie.)

Basically what will happen is: I will be going in early in the morning for Laser Ablation Surgery. I will be asleep for hours on an MRI machine face down while it bangs away. I will also have more of my head shaved, I am kind of getting use to this, I will have a hole drilled into it, so a laser can sear or ablate that small piece of brain tissue about an inch in diameter, soI was told. We shall see how this goes. It should be able a 6-7 hour surgery, maybe it will be shorter. I will have two of the best brain surgeons at Yale doing my surgery, I’m not worried. Hopefully this surgery will help me, and if it doesn’t have enough affect that we want, I will the Neuropace put in. Always have a plan B.