Seizure Update: "Unknowing Rewinding Chapters"

Epilepsy Update: Yesterday I think was my first seizure of the month. (yeah, I say with total sarcasm.) Anyway, I had a seizure last night while listening to an Audible book(an audio book) I have already previously listened to in the past but it is one of my favorite books by Adriana Mather, one of my favorite Authors. One thing that really annoyed me but yet impressed me is I some how managed to rewind & go back 20 chapters or so on my Google Pixel phone while having the seizure obviously without knowing it...Yes, I am that talented. I was extremely confused when I finally went back to listen to my audible book and realized I had already listened those chapters. Eventually I had found where I was at before the seizure had took place and continued on my way in "blissful book listening harmony".  

Being Admitted Into The Hospital in Less Then 13 Hours For My Video EEG! EEEKK!

Good bye walking around freely as I know it and hello nasty glue and wires glued to my head. Yippie! I've done this it feels like a million times but it never gets old. The weird smells, the good food, the quiet if you have a single room, the lights from the hallway, the beeping of heart monitors, so on. I'm use to it by now. And if I'm good I even get pudding so who can complain about that. 

As of the last two nights we have been staying at a friends hour that is quite near the hospital, his wife is actually one of my former neurologists. So I am in good hands. 

I got through all my testing today starting at 8 AM-1PM-ish, then had lunch with mom at the food carts(yum, then went down for a CT Scan but realized they had wanted me to take 50 mg of Benadryl along with the Steroids they had given me to take in hope that I would that have a severe reaction to the Contrast Dye for the Scan, but wouldn't you know it I had some type of reaction. Skin was burning hot and iching, my chest felt like I had rocks sitting on top of it and my through hurt so much like i had been screaming for hours. We decided we are going to add this allergy to my Medical ID bracelet. I then went to another floor after My breathing was normal and had an MRI (I was given 2mg of Clonazopam) So I did pretty well, I'd call myself a trooper but I was kinda doped up from the three doses of Prednisone, 50mg of Benadryl and then on top of that the 2 mg of Clonazopam. I would barley walk or talk and I kind of liked like a drunk person, or someone who just got their wisdom teeth removed and are still pretty loopy, my mom thought it was cute. That was the gist of my day. Tomorrow is another day and I will keep you all updated!

I pray I get some sleep!