Fall 2018 Trends & My Personal Fall Style

-Top Fall 2018 Trends-

80's: Shoulder pads, the whole deal. The 80's are back! 

Animal Print: Any type of print to any extreme(YES, it can most definitely be faux!)

Neon: The brighter the better!

Plaid: No need to explain, any kind of plaid, if you can rock it wear it! 

Western: Bring your cowboy boots and fringe jacket out of storage and go shopping! 

Prairie: Yup, I am talking little house on the prairie people. Complete opposite of any trend hit the runways a few months ago.    

Futuristic: Enough said.

Oversized Outerwear: Bulky, chunky, poof! More size the better!

Color Trends For 2018: Red, White, Off White, Brown

-My Personal Favorites For Fall 2018-

* Example Of My Perfect Go-To Fall Outfit

Personal Note: Taking in to consideration the trends that are going to be in fashion this fall I don’t want to be totally out of the look I will incorporate them in to my looks but I don’t want to go pull in, that just isn’t me. I will never wear neon, and animal print clothing isn’t my thing anymore. 

Colors: Black(My Favorite Color!), Burnt Orange, Dark Red, Brown(Chocolate) 

Shoes: Booties, Over The Knee Boots, Gym Sneakers, Jelly Ballet Flats, Flip Flops(I know I'm crazy)

Go-To Accessory: Floppy Rimmed Hats(Wool), Fascinators(When the time calls for it), Hoop/Drop/Stud Earrings, Big Bulky (Never Ending) Purses. 

Trends I would add into my wardrobe from the official list of

"Fall Trends of 2018" (But not go all in)





Color Trends For 2018