Sarah's Fall Bucket List 2018

Fall Bucket List '18


- Decorate For Fall

- Buy New Fall Scented Candles (YouTuber Kalyn Nicholson, Bath & Body Works)

- Create A Fall Playlist For Spotify

- Take Fall Photography!

- Frame Favorite Photos For The Season

- Decorate Fridge (Fall Mood Board Style)

- Harry Potter Marathon (Or Another Movie Marathon)

- Rock A Dark Fall Lipstick 💄

- Do 1-3 Fall Crafts (My Pick)

- Bake Pumpkin Donuts

- Bake Chocolate-Pumpkin Swirl Loaf Bread

- Bake Apple Pie

- Bake Sugar Cookies

- Make Pumpkin Pancakes

- Go To A: Drive In Movie

- Watch New Fall TV Line Up!

- Road Trip: Salem, MA | Boston, MA, Other

- Visit A Farmers Market

- Attend A Fall Festival

- Build A Bonfire

- Tour A Winery

- Celebrate Oktoberfest!

- Go To A Haunted House

- Go For A Hayride

- DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte

- Go Apple Picking

- Carve Pumpkins

- Drink Apple Cider

- Make & Drink Hot Chocolate

More To Come!

5 Days At Yale | Almost September (Fall Is Here!)

5 Days At Yale

Hello, I am out and I am safe back at home. I had a nice 5 days at up at Yale New Haven Hospital. The food is still as good as I remember, I know recall that I hate that I'm not allowed to leave my bed without permission because its set to go off via alarm if I set foot off of it, but otherwise I had a good stay. I had 4 seizures, otherwise known as data. Not fun, and very tiring but that is what I was their for and hey i got to drink coffee! The bottom line I got from the end of my visit at the end of my visit at the hospital was that they would be able to do some type of surgery, not sure what type but that there would be some type of improvement in my life when it comes to my seizures. 

Almost September (Fall Is Here!)

There is less then 13 days left of August. Don't get me wrong I love summer but I love Fall and I count September 1st as the beginning of Fall. I mean the weather today in NJ was perfect! Not to cold not hot. I would be dancing around if I wasn't still so sluggish from the hospital still. For me September meals Fall and Fall meals new styles of cooking, fall scented candles, new home decor, new styles of clothing...I fulling embrace fall, can you tell? And September so close i was to share one of my favorite recipes with you. I got it from one of my favorite YouTubers, Kalyn Nicholson. Kalyn got it off the great allergy friendly website

I am in love with the Vegan Chocolate-Pumpkin Swirl Loaf Cake Recipe in Kalyn's video. It is not a hard recipe to follow, I have made it myself at least a dozen times and a favorite of my boyfriend who has numerous food allergies. I Hope you all enjoy this recipe and others on the pretty bee as much as I do! The next few weeks/months I will post from time to time Recipes/pictures of my creations of other favorite recipes for this fall! 



YNHH: Day 1


Day two at the hospital, just got transferred to a single room. I arrived in New Haven on Monday late afternoon with my Mom, Louise. We stayed at a friend's house Monday and Tuesday night until Wednesday, the 15th, when I was to be officially admitted into the hospital.

Tuesday, I woke up at the crack of dawn otherwise known to me as 7AM and had Neuropsychological Testing from 8-1:15pm then had lunch with my Mom down by the food trucks around the medical buildings. Love that food! At 3pm we went to go to get my CT scan, turns out I needed to take Benadryl along with the other medications I had been taking the past few hours to avoid any reaction to the Contrast Dye that comes along with getting a CT scan that I would be getting today. So I took Some Benadryl and waited an hour by Protocol then went in for my CT scan. Even with all the Medication I had taken, I still had a reaction to the contrast dye, so we are officially putting my allergy to it on my Medical ID Bracelet, not so Fun. Then after getting checked out by a doctor and given oxygen and my lungs listened to, I headed down to get my MRI.

I am terrified of MRI machines. Horrified. I hate small spaces and loud noises even worse when put together. And I just have bad experiences in MRI machines. I sucked it up and got it over with also I was given Alprazolam which helped.

I eventually got to my room, to my surprise I had a roommate, when I was suppose to have a single room. She LOVED Steve Harvey..of all hours of the night and day.  I was switched to a single room the next day(today). I still have not had any seizures yet. Ironic. I have seizures all the time at home and the moment i get to a hospital I stop having seizures, I have such a stubborn brain. Wish me luck!

Last Lunch Before Getting Admitted & My First Night Back At Yale 

Last Lunch Before Getting Admitted & My First Night Back At Yale 

Being Admitted Into The Hospital in Less Then 13 Hours For My Video EEG! EEEKK!

Good bye walking around freely as I know it and hello nasty glue and wires glued to my head. Yippie! I've done this it feels like a million times but it never gets old. The weird smells, the good food, the quiet if you have a single room, the lights from the hallway, the beeping of heart monitors, so on. I'm use to it by now. And if I'm good I even get pudding so who can complain about that. 

As of the last two nights we have been staying at a friends hour that is quite near the hospital, his wife is actually one of my former neurologists. So I am in good hands. 

I got through all my testing today starting at 8 AM-1PM-ish, then had lunch with mom at the food carts(yum, then went down for a CT Scan but realized they had wanted me to take 50 mg of Benadryl along with the Steroids they had given me to take in hope that I would that have a severe reaction to the Contrast Dye for the Scan, but wouldn't you know it I had some type of reaction. Skin was burning hot and iching, my chest felt like I had rocks sitting on top of it and my through hurt so much like i had been screaming for hours. We decided we are going to add this allergy to my Medical ID bracelet. I then went to another floor after My breathing was normal and had an MRI (I was given 2mg of Clonazopam) So I did pretty well, I'd call myself a trooper but I was kinda doped up from the three doses of Prednisone, 50mg of Benadryl and then on top of that the 2 mg of Clonazopam. I would barley walk or talk and I kind of liked like a drunk person, or someone who just got their wisdom teeth removed and are still pretty loopy, my mom thought it was cute. That was the gist of my day. Tomorrow is another day and I will keep you all updated!

I pray I get some sleep! 

Update! ♡

Everything is moving so fast, I thought it would be months until I would be getting any type of testing done or me setting foot in a hospital and I got a call yesterday finding out I will be getting some of the main tests out of the way on August 14th and 15th! That is just around the corner! Yay! 

| My Hospital Agenda |

  • August 14: CTA SCAN & MRI
  • AUGUST 15: OVER NIGHT MONITORING (Usually last 3-7 days or longer, highly recommend to bringing your laptop and any electronics because you won't be going anywhere soon.) Netflix and Relax!
  • As well we might be doing some other testing within those two days if we have time to get them out of the way! 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far, I know I am. You think all of this would scare or terrify me, but I am in total joy mode. Cannot wait to get this started for two major reasons, I am sick of my seizures and how they disrupt my life and my constant seizures and finally beginning to "damage" my memory in a way...I am having a lot of trouble these days, recollection of the tiniest things. Sometimes I am as sharp as a tack but others. I am just not myself. So if there is something that can be done about then lets do it! 

Thank you.


The Plan: Brain Surgery


Hello Everyone! The appointment went amazingly! It was wonderful to see all my friends up at Yale! We are moving ahead in preparation for neurosurgery!

Before that happens though I will have to go through three stages of testing that will be over the next few months. The final result of all these months of test with either be: a resection (removal) of the area where the seizures start or a computer implant called a Neuropace. I know I am in the best of care when it comes Epilepsy Group at Yale, I would not have anyone else touch my brain tissue!

We're Back!: Trip To Yale New Haven Hospital

Last week, Mom, Chris and I drove from NJ to New Haven, CT for my first appointment up at Yale New Haven Hospital (YNHH). We went to talk shop with Yale Epilepsy and make a plan for the next few months before my surgery. I even got to see Dr. Spencer, the neurosurgeon who operated on me 10 years ago and some of his team who I consider family. While we were there of course me and my trusty Google Pixel 2 XL snapped some pictures in the car while my mom was driving. By the end of the appoint me we had come up with a clear plan and as of today we even have a date that we will start all of the testing, August 15! So soon.